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Teewave AR1 The New Electric Sports Car

Teewave AR.1, the Electric cars are the heavy batteries are usually much more weight than normal powered cars. The electrically driven Teewave AR.1 but stings like this some super athletes. The drivable prototype of an electric sports car called the place the two companies Teewave AR.1 Gordon Murray Design and Toray before. The Japanese company Toray is in addition to SGL Carbon’s largest carbon fiber manufacturer in the world. Gordon Murray Design took over the development of the car. As expected, materials from Toray are used. It means that the mono carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). It should also be useful for other vehicles.


As light as an Elise, as strong as a small car. with 3.98 meters, the AR.1 nearly 20 inches longer than an Elise, and also the height of 1.15 meters is slightly larger. The weight of only 850 pounds and is AR.1 is so despite the 240-pound battery is almost as small as for the Lotus Elise. In addition to offering the car the Tesla Roadster to about 400 pounds, so Toray. But while the Tesla a 215 kilowatt (288 horsepower) electric motor offers only very meager, the AR.1 47 kilowatts (64 hp) show. The torque reaches 180 Nm. The lithium-ion battery stores 16 kilowatt-hours.


For the drive train components were used on a pre-sale electric car, which was not mentioned. According to the data could, however, be driving the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Its lightweight body, the performance of the AR.1 not bad: The sprint to 100 kph, the car still manages in 11.4 seconds. Maximum of 147 km/h are achieved. The range is about 190 kilometers. Then the electric car is recharged in six hours. The drive unit is installed as a rear-mounted engine. Using a single-speed gearbox, the rear wheels are driven. The suspension is based on the front and rear double wishbones and coil springs. Front tires are mounted to the size 175/55 R16, rear tires have the 225/45 R17. Whether the vehicle is to go into production was not disclosed.