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Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke – The Nissan Juke is not neatly in one category. He climbs high enough to be called a crossover, but the imprint pint companies as a VW Golf. And there is no question: It is awkward looking. The kids took the test car I had. Driving through a primary school and stop at a fire, the children actually invaded the Juke. He also talks about some adults (although others scratching their heads at the unusual style).


The Juke is pragmatic enough for parents with a child, with additional space sufficient to raise a child to wear things or dealing with a race to the supermarket without sweat. He speaks for directors, with quick steering and sport suspension. It is not perfect: the manual transmission is available only with front-wheel drive version, while the AWD version has a more capable than some CVTs Neutrals beautiful. But both cars are a 188-hp turbo four-cylinder muscle, and fuel economy is respectable if not spectacular: 27 city/32 highway for 2WD and 25/30 for the AWD version.

The seemingly anarchic Nissan Juke comes after the 190-hp turbo gasoline now than diesel variant to a trial run. Gives the diesel engine with 110 hp to the small car more everyday use, without damaging the sporting image? From the Juke does hardly anyone noticed, even in villages nobody points a finger at him – at least not if the fools laundry flutters above the streets. Obviously keep the passers glupschäugigen small car for an essential part of this year’s carnival campaign design are probably as much exaggerated, that they are no more emotion is worth.


The interior of the Juke is the creative playfulness its continuation. The round, brightly painted center console like the creators of the Nissan Juke to the tank of a motorcycle, remember that you want to already have a bit more dynamics suggest. More technical gadgetry like three different driving modes and a G-force indicator move further into the Juke sports corner. There, now a 190-hp, turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine twice shuffled his hooves, now known from various corporate models, followed by diesel with 110 hp.

The 1461 cc, the engine develops a maximum torque of 240 Newton meters and is available from 1,750 rpm. For a particularly efficient combustion of the fuel is injected with 1,600 bar – and each of them seems to give a cold start to want to be heard. Sullen rumbles off the two-valve engine in the Nissan Juke, raise loud and nailing the murmeltierigsten neighbors. And so is the Nissan Juke in 11.2 seconds from zero to 100 km / h sprint? Well, we just believe me, especially since the Nissan accelerates Juke considering its weight of 1320 kg quite fast.


To move to the centrifugal force measuring instrument for knocking out the power but hardly enough. It twitches occurring mainly in lateral acceleration, because the curves loves Juke. The direct steering helps in driving report, to target the optimal vertex, very little body roll and understeer disturb the subtle dynamic projects. Traction problems, or tugging on the steering as the petrol know the mild temperament of the dCi engine to prevent. Anyone who wants to can play a bit with the gas and talk like restrained to the rear automatic steering.

Stiff bucks on the Juke bumps of any kind, especially the rear wheels while grumbling noisily into the wheel arches. After all, the comfortable seats in the front row to take some comfort work, moreover, they also provide with optional leather upholstery (1,200 euros extra) ordinary lateral support. There is room for well-fertilized individuals, the driver of the Nissan Juke is also pleased about the sufficient adjustable steering wheel and gear lever located within easy reach of the close-ratio, however, little precise six-speed gearbox. Another positive: The clarity of the instruments do not have motivated designers fell victim to, instead, easily readable instruments are in a state-designed dashboard. Even the standard version in the Tekna navigation system with five inch large display is easy to use coupled, also fixed by the Bluetooth mobile phone to the speakerphone. Even the iPod can without special cable with a USB interface can be controlled via the touch-sensitive display.


Much more practical benefits does not, however, the body, especially the clarity of an angle to the rear is only undercut by windowless van. Passengers in the back seat are hardly to be envied Juke, neither the length nor the amount they can fully develop properly. After all, even thick winter boots to fit large feet under the front seats. That remain under the knobby rear meager 251 liters of storage space (830 liters expandable to also manageable) is surprising, since only very naive car buyers. Here are the disadvantages of the extraordinary body dunce cap come into play. Under the body there is the diesel version of the Nissan Juke contrast rather Lent.