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Mini Rocketman

Mini Rocketman – Alec Issigonis designed as just over half a century, the Mini, he wanted nothing to do with luxury. Not even a radio was the designer of the British Motor Company’s first talk with him. Has been one of BMW Mini, asceticism is frowned upon. The small car from England is a luxury-dwarf, the order for the customer, on average, for 3500 € extras. Is also the original formal minimalism of the car no longer exists. The original Mini is 3.05 meters long, with the new model, the Countryman Munich recently broke through the first four-meter mark.

But now the leaders apparently reflect back on the core values – at least at the Geneva Motor Show (March 3 to 13). Because there mini shows a study that looks at first glance like a clone of the classic from the fifties: with at least 3.41 meters, 30 centimeters shorter than the current model and relatively clean design, it shows the vision of a mini-mini and it fits perfectly with the current downsizing trend. Only the name confused: Rocketman will probably sound like a soaring, PocketMan would be more suitable.

“We want to show that we definitely think about concepts and the smaller mini also shrink again,” says designer Oliver Sieghart on the study, were carried out to for over a year. The study should include the old Rocketman proportions without having to be retro mobile. On the contrary, only the two dents in the sides cite the exterior door hinges from the past, and of course keep the lights get big eyes. But in the grille was a hundred times and punched the brand logo as the taillights protrude from the rear handle.


Although mini flirt visible to the original model, there will be no cost to BMW-directed model for Basimobilität. “Even for a small car is the premium idea, why is this car for us not waiver,” says Sieghart. On the contrary, fine nubuck leather adorns the seats and lined paper evaluates the consoles of the interior.


The highlight of the study is a light show: behind the honeycomb made of folded wax paper Mini Rocketman interior gleams sometimes red, yellow or blue. “This corresponds to the current driving scenario and corresponds to the ad in the Globe Centre, the development of the central instrument cluster,” says the designer. If you drive solo in the Rocketman, he gives the little rocket. The interior glows red and flickers on the 3D screen in “chase mode” a virtual chase, when you go against yourself. Whether you look at it still can concentrate on the traffic is quite doubtful.


You have the partners on board, the Mini provides an orange light with a romantic mood. Bluetooth reads the electronics from the occupants of smartphones, and searches music lists and address books each out the intersection. While navigating to the Rocketman favorite Italian joint, so also runs the favorite song of both occupants. Is the driver on the road with pals, the mini switches to the blue scenario, the party is mobile and is looking to the “Buddy Finder” to other friends and mini-drivers in the area. If you’re in the front, sits very comfortably.


“The real luxury is in this class, but the place,” says Sieghart and opens the door to a surprisingly spacious lifestyle lounge. Although outwardly cut short, the works inside Rocketman generous than the regular Mini. At least the front. Therefore, the designers have designed the new cockpit and more tailored to the driver. The seats are very thin and the pillion Moves a Step Forward. The back is tight. Only right at the rear there is a decent seat cushion, left only a rumble seat. Before someone there takes place, one must remove only the backpack, the designers have stowed there.


New approaches will also be at the mini door concept. So you can enter too easily even in tight parking spaces to the rear, the side doors are extremely long, but struck it with a double hinge. Similar to the time the Renault Avantime, the doors open forward and to the side and give so free a large slip through, even without taking up much space. Similarly, the smart storage compartment under the rear hatch: it serves either as an additional carrier or as a plug for the purchases. The engine is still missing, an appropriate three-cylinder engine is only designed.


The Rocketman is not only traffic area, but above all save fuel. Under the light hood fits well the next three-cylinder engine, the BMW being developed. Also enjoy the developer their carbon experience in order to press even with this model by weight. The body structure is made from carbon fiber baked. This is best seen from above, where the carbon frame simulates the illuminated plexiglass roof under the struts of the Union Jack. “This is likely to weigh significantly less than 1000 pounds Rocketman and come to a consumption of three liters,” says Mini spokesman Cypselus von Frankenberg.

A dilemma of the Rocketman is the many new ideas. They make the car attractive one hand, on the other hand also extremely expensive. Just because there is no platform, because a lot more expensive than carbon steel and the new engine is not ready yet. All this does not speak for rapid implementation.