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Jaguar F-Type R: Another Great Car from Jaguar

Who knows the brand will be of the fact that a Jaguar F-Type R comes, little by surprise. Finally, each model was far from the most recent time out an R-model. That the Jaguar F-Type R is rumored to come out but at the same time to the two standard models in September, would be even greater surprise.


Reduced engine power – For the engine of the Jaguar F-Type R, there is already some speculation. Thus, the two-seater from the R-typical 5.0-liter V8-powered. This will however be derated and have “only” about 450 hp. For a compact sports car that’s still more than enough.


Athletic Performance – Although the level of information to the Jaguar F-Type R is still very manageable, but there are at least a few more details. Thus, the R version is by four tailpipes, wider front and rear bumpers and a sporty interior of the normal two-seater from Jaguar. Not forgetting, of course, are the new set of alloy wheels, which rolled on the Jaguar F-Type R on the streets.