BMW (an acronym for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) is a German manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and engines. The company headquarters is in Munich . BMW is the parent company of firms Mini and Rolls-Royce and more recently, a group of former Rover. In 2005 employed a group of over 105.000 people. Blue-white pattern of the company is stylized character Bavarian flags and also reflects the origin of BMW ( white propeller rotating in the blue sky as a symbol of the manufacturer of aircraft engines).



2014 BMW i8 Specs and Review

2014 BMW i8 is a German automaker’s halo product of all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid car. This car is the powerful car from the biggest world’s companies of automotive. This great car is for sporty purposes. The car was first introduced in 2009, atFrankfurt. Recently, this car is shown at the 2012 Auto Show of New York. The concept of this BMZ i8 has evolved; however, a chance for the element of sport design is a little on the production. This concept is provided by former designer at BMW DesignworksUSA. This car is the most vivid and clearest look.

This 2014 BMW i8 spec is a good deal. The design of this car is lightweight, makes it possible to have a lofty performance of the reach, particularly from the carbon-fibre-reinforced bars extensive use and aluminum chassis within the cabin for passenger. If the production follows the concept, it will have slightly longer wheelbase compared with BMW M3 sedan, but 8-inches shorter and 3 inches wider. The 2014 BMW i8 has three cylinder combinations of 1.5-liter engine with system of electrical motor. This combination will deliver sporty look and strong performance to the car at a time. This car is equipped with 109.5 inches wheelbase of CG estimation, 181.1 inches of length, 74.8 inches and 48.8 inches for the width and length.

2013 BMW M5 Review

Another entry from the legendary BMW, 2013 BMW M5 is ready to join the vicious competition in the automotive market of 2013. The new design of the M5 type from BMW makes a new luxurious state of sedan. The car has a strong sense of sport car with sleek and sharp design full with aerodynamic aspect. Let us see deeper on the new features and specs for the new and upcoming model of one of the M-series from BMW that will be available in the market late summer this year.

The M5 is powered with a new kind of engine with cool name, “M TwinPower Turbo” with the strong power of 560 horsepower powering up the car. The car will come out with nerd code: F10. The transmission speed is of 7 gears transmission and more over, it is double clutched. The slip is also added with unique aluminum horse-collar mount in it. The interior is very nice and rigid. Interior is also designed to be very unique, sporty and cool, just the like of city car that you will want to take around the town. The best part of this 2013 BMW M5 is that it can quickly rise up speed, and reach 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds based on a test drive.

2013 BMW M3 Review

BMW is going to release 2013 BMW M3 for the upcoming market release. This is yet another luxurious sedan with different feel and different designs of course. BMW has been very famous of its luxury and the grand of its name. There is a certain grand and luxurious feeling that comes with the BMW name.

2013 BMW 6er Review

2013 BMW 6er is under the hood is in the long-drawn-640i is a 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 320 hp and a 3.0-640D-liter six-cylinder twin-turbo diesel with 313 hp, in the autumn, the 650i with 4, 4-liter V8 bi-turbo and 450 hp in later this model will then four-wheel drive.