The Audi (Aounti) is a German manufacturer of automotive luxury. Until now the Volkswagen Group and has assumed the role of luxurious mass production company within the Group. The Germans slogan Vorsprung durch Technik (Progress through technology).



2012 Audi R8

2012 Audi R8 Reviews Deeper, wider, stronger: The Concepts of TC-stocked with plenty of carbon Audi R8 reminds of a GT racing car. A huge diffuser and a rear wing make a big impression. With its large air intakes at the front, he seems to asphalt suck and it crushed by the huge rear diffuser again to spit: the Audi R8 Toxique by TC Concepts is poison for every road, so it promises at least the tuner.

Stern look of a GT racing car, the centerpiece of the renovation work on the R8 is the in-house body kit by TC Concepts. The front grille and large provide a carbon lip for a dirty look. Thanks to a set of side skirts and wider fenders with new air flow moves the R8 from its shoulders, so there is no getting past. Who tuned with the athletes for the first time driving to the gas station might look a little confused. Processing activities of the Ingolstadt has placed on the driver side of a tank cover. So if you unsuccessfully tried to open the dummy should have a look on the passenger side. The rear of the R8 Toxique resembles that of a GT racing car. A huge diffuser and a fixed rear wing made ​​of carbon should be the athlete literally stuck on the tarmac.

2012 Audi TT RS

The Audi TT RS is one of the strongest: its five-cylinder engine delivers 340 hp and 450 Newton meters succulent leaves crackle on the crankshaft. But there is nothing that can not be beat. The Audi TT RS is one of the strongest: its five-cylinder engine delivers 340 hp in the factory setting and can be hefty 450 Newton meters of torque on the crankshaft patter. But there is nothing that can not be beat. So Audi is offering the spring of 2012 the TT roadster and coupe as plus. Plus in this case plus 20 plus horsepower and 15 Newton meters that is the bottom line are 360 hp and 465 Nm of torque.

Manual or dual clutch, the transmission play a six-speed manual box or a seven-speed S-tronic. The dual-clutch transmission has a launch control function: it can thus be accelerated, otherwise how can the professionals only. The permanent all-wheel drive quattro, which operates with a multi-disc clutch brings the engines power on the road.

Audi Q3 RS Concept

Audi Q3 RS Concept – the message that Audi will unveil at the Auto China 2012, a study of its small sporty SUVs Q3 e brush prototypes had already been in use . Key figures: 360 horsepower, the well-known among others from the Audi RS3 and slightly pimped 2.5-liter 5-cylinder TFSI delivers.

2012 Audi A7

2012 Audi A7 – It pays to compare – but is feared that a re-importing an Audi A7, despite the low prices in the U.S. market probably not worthwhile. Still waiting for the Ingolstadt-based carmanufacturers with prices ranging from under $ 60,000. Must be the 59 250 U.S. dollars forked out for the cheapest variant of the Audi A7correspond to the equivalent of 41 800 € round. There are also, however, in the United States nor the taxes and surcharges by the dealer, so the retail price but probablysignificantly higher.