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2014 VW Bulli Volkswagen

2014 VW Bulli – Volkswagen’s attempt to disguise a Chrysler minivan as a race Wolfsburg-flower-power-Mobile has not exceeded well, but to sell the brand in each segment in this country when it comes to grow. The Bulli could be well integrated into the strategy of several VW models on a single platform. All five passengers would use the next-generation Golf as a base, and perhaps would be a hybrid diesel-electric vehicles or even only, as shown in the concept at Geneva last spring. And unlike today’s Transporter, which has really increased from the compactness of the original Microbus of the 1950s and ’60s, El Bulli is small and compact. However, today’s adventurers and people with a touch of nostalgia hope that VW saves back seat of the all-Bulli show folds flat for motorhomes.

Since early 2001, VW tinkers now on a comeback of the popular Microbus. At the Geneva Motor Show the company finally lifted the mystery surrounding the new van and revealed a hyper-modern study of the transporter.

The 2014 VW Bulli is almost four meters long and 1.70 meters high. The design is at the focus of the former Samba, two colors. The study in Geneva shone in red and white. However, the new Bulli is not moved by a boxer engine, rear drive forward. Instead, there will be an electric motor and front wheel drive. Modern LED lights not only provide a great look, they are also highly energy efficient and modern.

A panoramic roof provides the necessary clarity, but there will be more surprises. Integrated in the driver’s seat area, space for three passengers in the rear is all the time, it can also make the passengers comfortable on a bench. The center console is a removable iPad as a control with touch screen. In the retaining ring of the iPad also air conditioning and hazard switch are integrated. Who in the Bulli is looking for a tachometer looks in vain. For such there will not be, according to VW also completely unnecessary in a vehicle with electric motor.

The middle seat passenger and the front seat can be folded down in an instant, just like the rear seat. If the rear seat folded down, then the load volume increases to nearly 1,600 liters. Of course, the new VW Bulli closes on the technology of its predecessor-in a few easy steps make it possible to completely transform the seats lay. Thus, starting from the inviting spacious camper van and the weekend can.

Even if the new VW Bulli oriented to his predecessors, he has changed significantly. All safety features and driving aids ensure that the pilot can feel the VW Bulli in good hands. Only the view through the huge front windscreen should remember the common ancestor.