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2013 Peugeot 208 Review

Bigger, harder, stronger and more expensive than its predecessor: It was for years the rules under which new cars have been developed. This resulted in a polo is so great now as once a Golf. That cars rarely less than a ton on the scales. That everything is under 100 hp almost as underpowered. And the only reason that the price increases are not quite so obvious, because the introduction of the euro has dropped by half a decade ago, the pure numerical values at once. But now there has been a change in thinking for many manufacturers. Thus, the Peugeot does 208 to the evidence, that even with the slogan “smaller, lighter, slightly stronger, and cheaper” can build a decent car. Recovered exterior dimensions, more space in the outer dimensions of the small car to save a lot: shorter seven-inch, two inches narrower and an inch lower falls of the 208 compared to the previous model 207.


Even when weight was slimmed down – by a whopping 110 kilograms. At the same time the engineers have managed the feat, to improve the space available. In the rear, the passengers are about five inches more legroom available, achieved by small rear seats for driver and front passenger. Even the trunk is an increase recorded: 15 liters in normal configuration and 153 liters more rear seat folded down. Lies with a capacity 285-1076 liters of the 208 here on a par with the top dogs VW Polo and Opel Corsa. If the Peugeot and the sill less would result in high backrest folded down, a charging base without disturbing level, there was the luggage compartment to complain about anything.