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2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI

2013 Mitsubishi Evo XI – With the demolition Mitsubishi guzzlers and launching new electric and hybrid gasoline-electric, all designed to meet increasingly stringent global emission standards, the rumor mill suggesting that even the Lancer Evolution will go green. Or green-ish. The idea is to high performance, AWD, but even using some of the technology behind the next car i-MiEV electric city and groom is a turbo diesel or gas not.


The potential is still exceptional efficiency in both the gas / electric power plants combined, but it is possible that Mitsubishi can help the driver to drive on the highway on the juice from the battery alone, significantly improving the economy fuel. Evo XI may also be larger and more sophisticated positioning against competitors like Audi more naturally.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is one of the best selling products of Mitsubishi Motors Corp(MMC) in the compact sedan segment. This series is even an icon in the Mitsubishi world rally scene in the 1990s, with the Lancer Evo II and III. Generation now entering the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI, the manufacturer of the diamonds bearing the three retaining characteristics as gahar-powered sedan. Only, the technology is environmentally friendly and brought the hybridsystem.


Citing, last weekend, Hybrids are applied to the Evo XI applied from thePX-MiEV who had exhibited in the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) last year. Electric motor carried from the i-MiEV and the gasoline engine combined with a 2.0 L four-cylinderMIVEC turbo-powered 320dk.


Function of electric motor drives the front wheels, while the gasoline engine to the rear wheels to channel his energy. So, while walking in the city, will be more dominant electricmotor used to drive a car. Although green tech, toughness Evo as gahar powered cars are still maintained. The proof, Acceleration 0-96 km / h is achieved in just 4.5 seconds.

Advantages of this car is mengamit plug-in hybrid system and lithium-ion battery capable of improving the ease of driving. In addition, these devices also make the fuel consumptionis much more economical.


Various other features are being prepared, including active steering and roll controlsuspension. Apparently Mitsubishi Evo will launch this new product in 2013.