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2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Forget the Tiburon, if that is not already happened long ago. With the Genesis Coupe, Hyundai has worked in the sports car segment of the Hall of Shame to the Hall of Fame. We are the 303-hp stern test spin down. Fadgas more than the Genesis Gedüdel’s not there. The only thing that prevents one radio hammering again, when Phil Collins attaches, is the extremely high blood pressure-lowering effect of the concoctions of geriatric men combo. One can certainly not say the same Hyundai. The Korean sports coupe is one of the big surprises of the year: Who would have thought that is the successor to the Tiburon limp an athlete from the old school. All that the pure, unadulterated driving pleasure is beneficial, has been packed into this car: rich engine, just such a sound, rear-wheel drive, limited slip differential, fully interruptible electronic crutches.


One can see that the Genesis at first sight not at all. One is almost inclined to Southeast Asians than worthy successor to his predecessor to dismiss, because the eye sees at the rear of the terse message “3.8″. A combination like this is now commonly for consumption. That this, however, concerns the capacity, you will not believe at first. With its nearly 4,000 cubic centimeters and 303-hp V6 Genesis looks like a relic from the 80s.

Such an ambience exudes a little too reminiscent of the interior with his Casio digital watch display. On the choice of material a little more emphasis could be placed and for a sports car, the possibilities of the steering wheel and Sitzadjustierung a bit limited. All that you can forgive but like the coupe, you take it into operation. This alone stout V6 roar from the thick exhaust ducts. . . yesterday’s wonderful, just as consumption: Less than 11 liters is hardly what you drive the Genesis on your mood – and grow with every mile, or better.


We are the Genesis Coupe with the 6-speed torque converter automatic driving. The inertia of the lower speed range steadily decreases with increasing speed. Anyone who wants can not wait, immediately switchen to manual mode and pure hack the course by steering wheel paddles. This works so well as responsive and as the game engine promoting, that you take the automatic right to permanent soon the scepter from the hand. Every single opportunity only to downshift and throttle is used.


It is particularly bad, you have only time the switch for traction control on the left side discovered the wheel. Namely, the activated and deactivated the electronic control completely, the Genesis rear is completely at the mercy of physical forces. Meaning: If throttle, the rear part and is neat though. That scares up to the moment when you realize that the Koreans can be captured very well and quickly. One need not be too fatalistic to tilt into twisty terrain, the ESP. Rear locking differential, a good weight distribution and a very tight vote to make the athlete surprisingly good to handle – a toy, this device.


Admiring glances you will be at the wheel of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6 does not reap in the rule. Who wants to be, to look for a visually conspicuous behavioral sports car. Who but a purist, honest, looking with all the driving pleasure generating Ingredentien-appointed representatives of this profession, should take a look at the Koreans take a closer look – especially as the price of 39,990 euros is not really too high.