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2013 Honda Accord Concept

2013 Honda Accord is nothing but efficient and refined for a car. Coming with itsSedan and Coupe body style, this Honda Accord provides a luxury car for a family or individual. Accord is simply the largest car in the line of Honda’s car. It gives enough space with generous interior that can fit up to five people. All of them are nicely wrapped in stylish sheet metal exterior. The 2011 gives quite a new design for the Accord, and the 2012 tries to catch up with the improvement with its USB port. The 2013 model of Accord has five different trims which can be afforded by people from different ranges of budgets.


2013 Honda Accord Concept, Spec, and Design

Honda Accord comes with two different settings: a four-door sedan or two-door coupe. The sedan has 3.5 liter with V6 engine, meanwhile, the coupe uses 2.4 liter with four-cylinder engine. The four-cylinder engines have the manual of five-speed and automatic transmission which can be chosen for both of the Accord styles. 2013 Honda Accord has 177 hp along with the 6,500 rpm. The anti-lock brakes, brake assist, and the Vehicle Stability Assist become the other leading 2013 Honda Accord spec. The car is also equipped with its maximum towing capacity of 1,000 lbs.


The design of this Honda Accord is adapted from the 2011 with only mild styling. The design that the 2012 model brings tries to gently re-emphasize its conservative and upscale appearance to the customers. The two-door coupe car is smaller than the sedan version, which can be visually seen. For the cabin, Honda Accord is pretty light and airy, which makes it look spacious. The extra thoughts are put to design the layout and ends up with lot of room in the car. This surely will make the passengers become comfortable in the 2013 Honda Accord.