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2013 Ford Taurus

2013 Ford Taurus is a new great car. But there is a question, is the 2013 Ford Taurus inspired by Audi A6? Interestingly, Derrick Kuzak, vice president of global product development at Ford, said to the effect that his employer is based on the visual improvements of the 2013 Ford Taurus in large parts to Audi.


So much honesty is indeed a rarity, so the Ford managers also admitted willingly that the front design and the LEDs in the rear of the Audi A6 was declared as a role model. Nevertheless, the 2013 Ford Taurus will be the flagship of Americans a clear alternative to the Ingolstadt-based model. According to manifest themselves in many other fields will also clear differences from the competitors.

The active vents in the front area provide just as much for a more aggressive and dynamic looks like the standard dual exhaust. It is also possible with the 2013 Ford Taurus to drive with 20 inch wheels, and thus achieve a better grip and appearance. The main change in the 2013 Ford Taurus, however, in the drive. Although still the proven six-cylinder comes with its 3.5-liter used, its performance is the new model but a whopping 290 horsepower. Also, the 2013 Ford Taurus will be optionally supplied with a two-liter EcoBoost engine and four cylinders. Here, after all, still 237 HP do show, however, fuel consumption should be substantially reduced.


Regarding the equipment was set to more soft-touch materials and the MyFord Touchinfotainment system is the 2013 Ford Taurus to be integrated. In addition, there are new safety equipment and a renewed braking system in the model. The premiere was held at the New York Auto Show 2011.