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2013 Ford Focus ST

2013 Ford Focus ST – The new Focus has finally made its debut in the U.S., with a 2.0-liter direct-injection 160-hp engine and variable valve timing and a five-speed manual. But the waiting car on the 2013 Focus ST, which debuted in early 2012. It will be a six-speed manual with the same EcoBoost (turbo) 2.0-liter that much larger and Edge and Explorer will be good for somewhere around 250 hp, making it in league with traps hot like the Mazdaspeed3 and beyond the exit of the Volkswagen GTI. Ford also promises a tighter suspension and meatier tires and bigger brakes to go with all that power. Wait at least $ 25,000 to pay.


Announced a new performance version of Ford unveiled a near-preview of the upcoming Focus ST model on the basis of the new generation. Its world premiere of the compact characterful athletes at the Paris Motor Show (02/10/2010 – 17/10/2010), before the beginning of the new Focus ST is rolling out to dealers in 2012. With 250 hp more than its predecessor, Ford waived unfortunately the mighty five-cylinder sound. But visually, the new generation the way to a hot future.

The completely newly developed sports version of its power from a mobilized version of it reserved for 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost turbocharged SCTi Benzindirekteinspritzers. The more joyful absorbing 2.5-liter five-cylinder predecessor, the 225 hp generated for comparison. The days with the great sound in the sense of downsizing and fuel economy and CO2 reductions apparently over.

With this engine, the new athletes to the Ford Focus ST tradition and convince through a synthesis of driving performance, handling and soundscape. Whether that comes to the environment without the five-cylinder engine with the correct sound convincing work? Other data, however, Ford was not yet known.


But enough doom and gloom: With the turbo and torque of an early upcoming EcoBoost engines, it is quite possible to create rich propulsion and driving fun. Technicians can also consist of a four-cylinder engine to get a great sound – and Ford knows what a great legacy continues, the new Focus ST.


Visually, the Ford Focus ST is characterized by a distinctive athletic. For this purpose, such as his own one-look front apron with large air intake, which would absorb virtually the asphalt. The sporty, aggressively contoured bonnet and fenders convey a broad-shouldered presence. Meanwhile, the sleek headlights stretch with a fine strip of LED lights at the top far into the flank.

Energetic contoured side sills give the body a lowered still crouched crouching on the road while creating powerfully modeled wheel arches accommodate large light-alloy wheels in a special design.


Also at the rear a new bumper is employed, which emphasizes the sportiness of the vehicle and is characterized by the bottom vents and two exhaust tailpipes centered. The improved stability of the compact sports car at high speed, a consistent shaped roof spoiler, which extends gracefully from side to side, and it incorporates a very flat third brake light.


In order to draw everyone’s attention, does the new Ford Focus ST in Paris in a prominent guiding color. This time, Ford’s designers opted for the orange-tone “Tangerine Scream”.The sensational finish to reflect the powerful and energetic character of the new Focus ST.

The avant-garde interior designed in the cockpit-style continues the outward impression of dynamism in the interior. A striking detail proves the curved sculpted center console, which controls for the driver thanks to this design are particularly easy to reach. Above the touchscreen are the Focus ST, three additional instruments.


The ultra-modern operating concept HMI (Human Machine Interface) with the Bezechnung “MyFord” offers the driver a much simplified access to all major vehicle information, entertainment systems and other accessories that are integrated via Bluetooth. The system performs the traditional layout of the dashboard – the dashboard behind the steering wheel plus center console with controls – continues and extends it with additional LCD displays that carry many of the visually processed information.