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2013 Ford Explorer SUV Spec & Review

The new 2013 Ford Explorer SUV will give a great experience for minivan lovers. This Ford Explorer SUV uses the 3.6 liter V-6 flex fuels engines as one of the 2013 Ford Explorer SUV spec. Demonstrating the improvement to be one of the best sport utility vehicles for seven passengers, this latest model tries to surpass 2012 Ford Explorer version, and even 2011 one. Ford improves this SUV by giving decent efficiency in fuel by using turbocharged four cylinders. The accommodating cabin with high class look and a solid dynamic for on-road usage also becomes another standpoint that should be noticed from this 2013 model. The 2.0 EcoBoost in it also generates another benefit, since the first SUV’s four-cylinder has more power than the previous generation of V6.


2013 Ford Explorer SUV Spec and Design

The latest SUV from Ford uses 3.5 L V-6 flex fuels as its engine. The 2013 Ford Explorer SUV spec also has 290 per 6,500 rpm for the power. The transmission works around 6-spd with the OD. The torque of 2013 Ford Explorer SUV has 255 lb-ft with 4,000 rpm. It can tow up to 5,000 capacities as its maximum capacity. For the fuel capacity, 2013 Ford Explorer has 18.6 gallon of capacity with the EPA mileage estimated up to 17 cities per 24 HWY.


For the design, this SUV from Ford has metallic paint color in five different kinds to magnify its appearance. The current Ford Explorer is also around 4 inches and also 5 inches, much wider than the predecessor’s body on frame. It has a confident stance with smooth styling that might deceive any eyes. Behind the smooth lines and proportions, it actually has an aerodynamic style that is better than before. The fender flames that become the theme of Mustang can be seen on it along with the three bar grille which has strong resemblance to Range Rover. All of them become the themes that enhance the beauty of 2013 Ford Explorer SUV.