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2013 Ford Escape

2013 Ford Escape – As part of the Detroit Auto Show, the automaker Ford Escape has presented its 2013thThe SUV was a part subjected to a thorough facelift and will also appear in three different variants. Also new is the extensive special features, which makes the 2013 Escape to a real individualist.


In the basic version, Ford has equipped his SUV-driving force with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder. The gasoline engine takes it to 171 hp and also pleased with a maximum torque of 232 Nm. The other two variants for the 2013 Escape is EcoBoost engines. As the name suggests, here the focus is on efficiency and so tickles Ford in the smaller version 173 hp and maximum torque of 240 Nm from a 1.6-liter inline four-cylinder. According to experts, these are the most efficient variant, although the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine brings 240 hp and 339 Nm with maximum performance on the road.

Fascinating at the new Ford Escape 2013 is the automatic calculation of the ideal torque. For this, the SUV uses an intelligent all-wheel-drive, in the automatic measurement of 25 variables to determine the car to operate optimally. These also include active dampers for the front grille. Regarding the translation of the force in 2013 Ford Escape comes standard with a 6-speed manual transmission.


New on the Ford Escape 2013 is also the design. The high-tech modernity and the claim will be more clearly and in addition to the versions listed at a price of 23,000 dollars to appear, a hybrid version for 38,000 U.S. dollars. The design will stand out even more spacious and also received a parking assistant. Part of the equipment are also sensors for the dead angle, curve control and a comprehensive MyFord entertainment system with touch operation.