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2012 VW Passat

2012 VW Passat – Passat not only Tennessee does the most for your money, but it’s still a lot of things. You get a very quiet cabin, for one thing. Euro-snobs say it’s a watered down version of the smallest Passat sold only in Europe but in the treatment of destroyed roads, you do not want the Passat null, you want one with broad shoulders! Not that it’s perfect, not by a long shot. The five-pot engine is our favorite at the VW engine, because the cooled air of yesteryear Well, OK, it’s not so bad, but it is rude and slow to dissolve, and it reminds us that we would have preferred the smoother 2.0-liter four, or even narrow-angle six-year . In fact, the way to go for diesel above (yes, now you’re $ 25k) and 31/43 mpg, with a couple, which is the same as or better than anything else in this class. Couples with a manual transmission and you get inside a very large (more or less on par with any other car in the class), plus a sporty character which is rare among the sedans have. Equipped in this way, the Passat is still no highway bombing, button-down Audi, but it is pretty tight. Request more calls for a different breed of car, and it’s not this big-car buyers want.


The history of the Volkswagen Passat began in 1973. Meanwhile, the 2012 VW Passat established as a popular midsize car and about 13 Million units sold. Initially, the model in a hatchback version was offered, now is the midsize car available as a station wagon and sedan. The VW Passat is offered by various engines 1.9 liter TDI diesel with 105 hp to a 4.0 liter V8 engine with 275 horsepower. There is also the new VW Passat Variant (station wagon) with a 102 hp 1.6-liter engine and the equipment package Passat Comfortline.


In the latest series for the first time an R-version is available, which, with 300 hp the most powerful Passat of all times. Standard equipment on the Passat include ESP, ABS and six airbags. Optional is the mid-size car with 4Motion all-wheel drive available. Who wants to buy a new or used car is right for You’ll also find saloons and estates such as the Volkswagen Passat.