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2012 Toyota Yaris Review

The new 2012 Toyota Yaris is not the short, high bump. The model generation in 2012 is ten inches longer and two flat and reminds of Clio or Corsa . The snub to the pre-stretched branding is the brand new face, the wedge shape is not particularly original. Therefore, the axes two inches farther apart than the old model, creating the interior space. Thread on the rear seats now a great people without pain. However, Toyota makes the longitudinal sliding rear bench – so far, its variable benefit – cease without replacement. Apparently they do not have the customer wanted and by the increase in length is not longer needed.

In the 2012 Toyota Yaris, there is no future means getting used to display more, the new model has circular dials behind the steering wheel. The new seats are made wider, the front elbows are a little more space – airy, the Yaris as ever, and that’s a good thing. The most important novelty is a tangible easy to use multimedia system with 6.1-inch touch screen, from radio to the rear camera all together and prosper for 550 euros extra for a navigation device can be. It sets out the version of Life (€ 15 850 for five doors) as standard on the Yaris include air conditioning, leather steering wheel and central locking with remote control.

The bottom plate to wait a few surprises. A little fine-tuning with aluminum parts in suspension, also clearly fall in consumption (5.4 instead of 6.0 liters of normal value) in the petrol car, with the was underway. When driving, the new Yaris is not the class that promises to be upgraded interior. The steering is too loose, the Yaris is rolling with an extended wheelbase slightly wooden.