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2012 Mini Cargo

2012 Mini Cargo – The Mini Cargo is therefore in March at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 will be first introduced and then snatch the particular VW Caddy customers. According to information from BMW-circles of the cargo based on the aptly nearly four feet long Mini Clubman and will have only two seats forward. “Instead of sitting in the rear bench is there for a long load floor.


The rear side windows are replaced by a sheet metal. ” The Malaysian Photoshopper Theophilus Chin has based on the first spärtlichen brought about his interpretation of the mini-commercial vehicle on paper. This is addressed with the metal cladding of the rear side windows.


Also, price is likely to focus on the Mini Clubman, cargo and thus the lowest price option for $ 20000 – $27000. In particular, the diesel variants are likely to be of interest to traders: even the cargo should arrive at least so strong with the 90 hp 1.6-liter engine as the Mini One D Cargo. Whether you come to something särkeren Cooper D variants (112 hp) and Cooper SD (143 hp) for those in a hurry, does not seem unlikely. Furthermore, we may assume that a reinforced rear axle height will provide a useful load than the 500 kilograms in the Clubman. The maximum luggage capacity from 950 liters in the Mini Clubman will be exceeded by 2012 Mini Cargo.