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2012 Lexus LFA

2012 Lexus LFA – Detroit is currently presented with the Lexus LFA concept of a sports coupe, which sprang from the Calty Design Studio in Newport Beach, California. The design of the hybrid sport differs significantly from the previous shapes made by Lexus, which is likely, however, also be given recognition. The study leads to the characteristic radiator grille of the Lexus GS continue extent that General Manager Karl Schlicht already speaks of a turning point. The 2 +2- seater is already worth an eye-catcher and will pull at the NAIAS in Detroit certainly some attention. Karl Schlicht also speaks of it, that is seen by the 2012 Lexus LFA concept, in which direction you want to go with Lexus in the next few years. And actually looking for the lines of their peers.


The pellet-shaped radiator grille in trapezoidal form insiders know the brand already. There are also downward sloping L-shaped headlights with LED daytime running lights and vertical fog lamps. Particularly striking is also shown by the roof, which virtually does not exist, since one with a nearly continuous curved surface from front to rear is about why the roof is almost completely transparent. On the sides there is a well-matched design of the roof mount aluminum. A four-pipe exhaust system demonstrates the power inherent in the sports car. Otherwise, show up at the tail exactly the same alignments as the front end, or at least was the dynamic design by sweeping edges and lines drawn through consistently.


About the design can already fill several pages, details of the engine power can still wait. What is known is that there will be a front-engine rear-wheel drive and we took into account the fuel efficiency completely. The interior offers functionality and flair in equal measure. Again, the headstrong design can be seen. Materials such as suede, shiny wood and metal are introduced into an organic form and give you at first glance the impression of comfort. Steering wheel and front seats, clearly point to the reference to a race car. The controls and the design of 2012 Lexus LFA are all designed to give the driver the best possible view.