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2012 Lexus LFA Review & Photos

Another great car of Lexus, the 2012 Lexus LFA. Our spies have discovered a spectacular prototype, which preceded the arrival of a new variant even more spicy. Limited to 500 units, the Lexus LFA has been a lightning car. It should abandon the catalog before the end of the year. Nevertheless, the Japanese supercar does not slip away on tiptoe. On its preferred route, our spies have discovered a new prototype. At first glance, only the light blue paint and the hood spectacular gross carbon obvious. But soon, other differences emerge. While most aerodynamic appendages are borrowed from an LFA Edition , the triple exhaust pipes arranged in a triangle is here abandoned.


Instead, this new Lexus LFA version adopts four outputs installed height. This frees up space for a broadcaster who seems to have been taken from a competition model. As for small spoilers located above the taillights, they become more prominent here. Add an additional hearing on the hood, and you will understand that this LFA “Final Edition” (name not final) is not just an original painting. One can even hope that its V10 570 hp air exceeds the new Edition, while rewarding us with a more memorable melody.