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2012 Land Rover Range Over Evogue

2012 Land Rover Range Over Evogue  goes on sale this summer in most parts of the world, but U.S. buyers will have to wait on an October 1 to October. The engine is a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine developed by Ford (yes, after the divorce) with a force in the 240 – to 250 hp range. The “Terrain Response” system that is so beautifully integrated into the Ford Explorer store here, as AWD. In Europe, diesel options are and (the horror!) FWD-only editions.


The Land Rover Evoque marks the need for asphalt both more eco-centric and more to get, so expect a vehicle that acts more like a sports sedan with a tank. Land Rover offers a configuration of magnetic shock absorber controlled, but one package: a six-speed automatic transmission. This crossover will come with a choice of three or five doors, two configurations are five. Expect prices to about $ 45,000 to start.

The Land Rover brand reinvents itself again. Nearly 65 years after Rover designer Maurice Wilks had the idea to construct a road vehicle, which later became the still-built model Defender, and 41 years after the premiere of the Range Rovers became the first all-wheel drive luxury model, the British start now into a new era – at least they claim. To help customers to address that “have not previously have dreamed of a Range Rover” in the words of Land Rover’s brand manager Ralf Speth, and in general, especially for the SUV to take something out of the firing line, they launch the Evoque the smallest, lightest and most fuel-efficient Range Rover in the current range of the brand.


Comparing the Evoque with the original, taking the British mouth is not too full. With 4.35 meters, it is 62 centimeters shorter than the feudal force Brumme, which even the Queen said to prefer driving themselves. The new flat is also 23 centimeters and above all easy, with about 1.6 tons to 1.1 tons lighter than the exact large range. Although the acts alleged revolution – for instance with a view of the latest German SUV-selling VW Tiguan (4.43 m, 1536 kg) – not quite as impressive, but for such a traditionally polarized brand like Land Rover Evoque is the fact a large step.

In the interior, the British broke with tradition. While there are still plenty of paint and leather, but the musty atmosphere of an English country estate has given way to a cool lounge. Only the raised seating position and the feeling of invulnerability remain. There are lots of space, even in the back seat, adults can sit reasonably comfortably.

Even a glance at the list price of Evoque has a new world: Do you have to pay for a Range Rover sport at least 55,800 Euros and for the large model even 88 500 €, it goes from 16 September 33 100 € in already going on. However, if you choose one of the more powerful engines and to complete the extras like leather upholstery, which elects five digital cameras for monitoring the surrounding area or the 825-watt sound system is, of course, quickly at much higher price regions.


In the drive to bring Evoque only four-cylinder engines. Flagship model is the base diesel with 2.2 liters displacement and 150 hp, the offer by the British as a tribute to the new time with front-wheel drive. Because the car also, like all hand switches series, equipped with a start-stop system, it comes at a respectable fuel consumption of 4.9 liters, which boasts Land Rover. Because the economy version supposedly conveys very little driving pleasure, he stood for the first tests do not even available.

Instead, the 190-hp version of the same engine was used. Needs – with all-wheel drive and a six-speed automatic transmission – a mere 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers and more returns out the sporty side of the Evoque. Although the diesel engine sounds a bit earthy, but is very strong to the point. With up to 400 Nm, the Evoque with this machine can accelerate quickly in any situation. 8.5 seconds from 0 to 100 are not a bad time, and with 195 km / h top speed, you can live with. Who needs it still set on fast-paced, or live in a country with low-affinity diesel, which offers also a petrol Land Rover: he makes 240 hp and labeled with 8.7 liters of fuel consumption, 217 km / h and a price of at least € 39 900 in each discipline, the top of the lineup.

Strong drive to fit the crisp handling of the Evoque. Where the streets are narrow, you quickly learn to appreciate the handy format. The steering is tight and precise and adaptive suspension tuned noticeably harder than we are used by many other cars in this class.

First meeting on the beach in Anglesey


In many ways, the 2012 Land Rover Range Over Evoque breaks with the Land Rover tradition. But he takes his heritage seriously, as it would be the basic genetic code of the brand and model, rattling the engineers specifications such as slope angle (front 25, back 33 degrees) and Fording (50 centimeters) down. They describe in detail the four-wheel system that works exactly like the civic Land Rover Freelander (and also the VW Tiguan) with a Haldex clutch and requires no mechanical locks or reduction. And they send the premiere guests with the car quite well in difficult terrain.

The best evidence of the roots in the British supply of their own history but with the choice of route for the maiden voyage of the Evoque. Namely that begins on the beach in Anglesey. This began with the first test drives around the summer house of the former Rover boss Maurice Wilks developer, 1948, the Land Rover story erst.