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2012 Infiniti M hybrid

2012 Infiniti M hybrid – We expected that the Infiniti M Hybrid to save fuel. What we did not expect the efficiency of the electric motor would spice up the race. The 67-hp Infiniti electric motor supplements the 3.5-liter V6 with 200 lb-ft of torque electric instant at launch. This hybrid Zings, the bolts to 60 mph in just over 5 seconds.


But speed is not the sole purpose of a luxury car. “Luxury” is loosely defined as something you do not need but want anyway. And the extra performance of the hybrid system only increased our desire for this sedan. Transmission of gas-electric is almost transparent in its operation.


At speeds below 62 mph can still drag and lithium-ion battery power for more than a mile. The brakes, which were challenged to integrate the system with standard hydraulic energy regeneration-feeling, well, normal. In addition, the system provides 29 mpg EPA combined, an increase of 28 percent over the nonhybrid M. During training, we have the function ECO Pedal (coaches efficient driving gas pedal feedback) and obtained over 30.


We admire that 2012 Infiniti M hybrid for its great appearance, stylish decor and almost silent, exciting racing experience, reasonable price and range of high-tech options (our favorite is the system for preventing lane departure, which slows wheel as the car automatically into orbit). The hybrid system is the case for M is even stronger.