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2012 Honda Pilot

2012 Honda Pilot is a midsize crossover SUV, which has been offered since 2003 in theU.S. market. Currently, the second generation of the 2009 vintage have and is enjoying constant popularity. Finally, the model fell within the scope of a recall but in negative headlines due to a suspected safety defect had about 300,000 Honda pull up at the nextwork shop.


With the 2012 Honda Pilot, the Japanese want to start again by right. Initial tests confirm that the well-known virtues of the family come back to full advantage: For example, the car still offers a comfortably sized interior and a smooth drive, but it also lacks not to reprint. Practical for larger Rounds: The 2012 Honda Pilot offers a third row of seats, which also offers plenty of room for adult occupants.


2012 Honda Fit brings the 2.5-liter engine is a power of 250 hp. The vehicle is thus responsive and pulls well on the highway, the preliminary conclusion of the U.S. press. Here, the pilot proves to be frugal: According to the manufacturer of the Honda Pilot is currently the most fuel-efficient vehicle with a third row of seats. In the criticism is still the chunky look of the vehicle, so is not in compliance with the beautiful interior: Honda also missed the 2012er year a contemporary facelift.