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2012 Honda Odyssey

This 2012 Honda Odyssey can provide a great commute for family outings. With its mini-van concept, this year’s Honda Odyssey brings improvement than the 2010 Odyssey. Some exterior shifts are made to accommodate the slightly new design. There is no change on the wheelbase, but some differences can be distinguished from the van which is one inch wider in overall width. Honda also brings the larger design in less weight by using the high-strength steel to accommodate the weight. Notice that the removal bin on the front seat can easily carry 80 percent of the carryalls of women and some men.


2012 Honda Odyssey Spec and Design

The standard cylinder deactivating in the lineup is 3.5 liter with V6 engines. The output of 4 horsepower and the 5 lb-ft for the torque are also equipped in the new 2012 Honda Odyssey spec. There are also 6-gear ratios that can be used for the Touring and the new Touring Elite. All the six wider spread will give the engine an assistance to wring a bit more. Even though the mass of the 2012 Honda Odyssey is reduced around 50 to 100 pounds, the brake discs are still quite larger. The pedal is also better and firmer than what the 2010 model has.


It has been mentioned before that all around the width is larger by one inch in this car. This minivan is also lower for about half an inch. The van also has no roof nails, which makes quite a difference in the visual height. The sleek design that it uses makes Odyssey more recognizable from quite a far. The layout that the minivan uses in its interior is using symmetrical and simpler design. There is also a trash bag in 2012 Honda Odyssey that can provide a space for about 15 cup holders and bottles.