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2012 Honda Insight

2012 Honda Insight – In this country little known Honda Insight has in recent automotive history, a permanent place: The 1999-2006 first built as a small car model was one of the first hybrid vehicles for the mass market. The consumption of 3.4 liters was evident in the market ahead of its time. By 2006, about 12,000 copies roll off the line. About 100 found their way to the local Honda dealers – the official market launch in Germany, however, was never held. From 2006, the Honda Insight was then reissued as a compact and built by 2009. Since then, in turn, is a new generation on the market that claimed the title of “expensive gas-electric hybrid” for themselves. In the U.S. and other territories that have made the model of a constant level of response: One year after the launch of the new generation Honda could sell 143,000 vehicles worldwide.

2012 honda insight

2012 honda insight

Meanwhile, the Honda Insight 2012 is in the wings. The new Honda Insight is no longer the cheapest car in its class. The competitive situation has changed, so that the new edition but will appear in a different light. The biggest competition comes from the way the house: The Honda Fit has more space and costs 3,200 U.S. dollars less.

The model has a right to exist, but all, notes the U.S. press. In the 2012er year Honda built a new grill, and a refurbished interior from new materials. The efficiency of the drive (1.3-liter gasoline engine with 10-kilowatt electric motor) could be slightly improved. In many ways, the Toyota Prius hybrid with a similar – whether due to its striking design of the assembly line or in the cockpit.


The price range starts from 18 350 U.S. dollars, equivalent to only 14,000 euros. The more expensive trim level includes 2012 Honda Insight Insight LX including a USB port and an audio system with four speakers.