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2012 Honda Civic

2012 Honda Civic – The highlight at the IAA level of Honda is the new Civic in 2012 . In the compact class, the Honda Civic has been 40 years since a fixed size, in early 2012 is now the ninth Generation Civic on the market – only a 5-door sedan , information on prices, it is not yet. Sporty and elegant, it somehow looks exciting, but not new. Particularly the Civic is a transformation of genius, if you go through the last eight model generations times. Honda itself speaks of preserving the “futurist” character of its predecessor. It looks sleek, but futuristic? Anyway, Honda Civic drivers are on styling , high performance and modern technology , which will still ensure low fuel consumption. The Honda was found in many customer surveys and celebrates after four years developing the world premiere of the 2012 Honda Civic with more efficient engines, packaged in an elegant casing, at the IAA 2011th We have the new Civic a closer look here and put all the technical data, facts, dimensions, engines, etc. for you. Curtain up!


The dimensions of the new 2012 Honda Civic have been compared to the 8 Generation (since 2006 on the market) does not really change. The amount was reduced by 2 inches, the width of the Civic locks down to 5 cm. This means that the Honda Civic dimensions with length 4.30 m, 1.81 m width and 1.44 m height . The boot capacity is 477 liters, which is very large for the compact class. I would say almost without competition when, for example, on the still-new Volvo V60 – mind you a combination – think of 430 liters / including sub-bottom compartment with 460 liters of luggage capacity.With the built-in “Magic Seats” to make the surfaces of the rear seats flip up like cinema seats.

If you have ever sat in the Civic, one of the praise goes for a clear = user-friendly cockpit and the leg room for driver and front passenger quickly on the lips. If you often in a Civic was traveling, then you realize just as fast, that he rather loudly is. As for, I can only experience with the 8th Generation Civic to pass. But Honda is aware and has the name “Clean-Dynamic” is defined not only the language of design, but it also reduces driving noises.


Inspiration found the Civic developers in an airplane. Fused together with no visible seams between the body surfaces, bumpers and Kotflüge and reacting to developments in the field of swimming suits and sportswear with little water or air resistance, according to Honda lead to improved aerodynamics and let the new 2012 Honda Civic quietly rolling through the streets.