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2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Spec, Review, and Photos

Now reaching the ninth generation, 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid is updated to provide better safety for its consumers. The safety for the car and its consumers also becomes another spot that the new model highlights. The 2006 version of Honda Civic has impressed many people with its futuristic style; now the 2012 version will carefully evolve from the past. The sculpted bumpers, longer hood, and also the larger taillights give another step closer to the conformity. They also make the design of thisSedan look more conventional than the previous one. The popularity that Honda Civic always has so far will be probably maintained conveniently with the lower coefficient it has.


2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Spec and Design

Generally this Honda Civic is available in the bodies of Sedanor Coupe. All of them, except the Si trim, use 140 horsepower as its power and the 1.8 liter inline of the four-cylinder. It also has five-speed manual transmission to complete the five-speed automatic it has as the optional choice for the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid spec. Meanwhile, the Si trim uses 201 horsepower as its power along with 2.4 liter of inline-four. For the safety features, 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid uses traction control and electronic stability to maintain the safety. The anti-lock brakes will also help to prevent any accident happening.


The exterior in this latest Honda Civic shows a great progression from the last eight generations while staying in its attractive look of coupe, hybrid, and sedan guise. It has been mentioned before that the hood for the car is longer and the taillights are larger. The smaller grille opening it uses also helps to lower the drag. Not only the exterior, but the interior is also improved better. The wheelbase is 1.2 inches shorter. It also becomes more spacious inside. We can choose the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid from the white, maroon, black, gray, or silver color.