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2012 Citroen DS5 HDi

Citroen already looks a bit unusual: the new Citroën DS5. The new top of the trimmed on a lot of design and some athleticism DS series is now here. We have made the car with 163 hp diesel and automatic circuit for testing. Big mouth The DS5 is striking: With his giant double Angle logo, he pushes himself into the wind. The beginning of the headlights chrome strips pull up behind the A-pillar. In the side view of the DS5 will show its crossover character: He is a mixture of coupe and station wagon. The luggage compartment is lined by side windows made of polycarbonate. The material is lighter than the one glass and can also bring in cheaper form. Finally, are incorporated into these discs even small lateral separation zones. The trunk lid has no knob and is open only by key or a button from the cockpit.


Made great – as in the exterior design, so the designers have also reingekniet the interior of the DS5 properly. Metallic-looking surfaces exist in many parts made of real metal and the plastic used looks entirely of high quality. Hard plastic: None. The desire for a slightly extroverted appearance, however, is also due to the front of the passenger area of a huge plastic covers – their grain and their soft-touch nature, however, make it bearable.

View – From the second highest SoChic equipment is also a highly stylish square analog clock on board. Its dial is finished in carbon look. But: The timer is sitting on the dashboard so bizarre that it can be difficult to read. For 390 € from SoChic to have: a head-up display. This reflects driving-related data in a small highly mobile Plexiglas disc. Although this is not nearly as fancy as the Citroën C6, for example, where the data are projected directly into the windshield, but it just cheap. So the developers are expensive adaptation of the projection to the highly curved windshield DS have saved, but failing that, after all, donated an electric motor to extend the small pulley.


The new Citroen DS5 has managed technical design: A little extravagant good looks, it is paired with practicality. The cabin of the French suits in its material from the site and the appeal is partly true noble. The economical 163-hp diesel engine is loose in the car ready and, with his gentle tone for relaxation. Anything but smooth, however, is the chassis of the DS5 – here’s sporting firmness trump.